Frequently Asked Questions– Theatre Arts

Are scholarships available through the Theatre Arts Department?

  • The Theatre Arts Department does not offer any scholarships. Visit the Financial Aid website to learn about other scholarships that may be applicable to you.

Do you do musical theatre at Liberty University?

  • Yes, Liberty University Theatre performs up to 4 musicals per year.

Are freshmen allowed to be in shows?

  • Yes, freshmen are often cast in shows and are encouraged to audition each semester.

What's THEA 200, 300 or 400 (Play Production I, II, III) and why is it TBA?

  • THEA 200, 300, 400 is a way to get credit for working in/with a Theatre Arts production. THEA 200, 300, 400 is a TBA section because the times will coincide with rehearsals and performances of a production.  Students audition/interview for each production, and must be selected by the directors to act or work backstage in a production to be eligible for THEA 200, 300, 400 credit.

When are rehearsals?

  • Rehearsals are held during the week and are generally in the evening from around 7 to 10pm. Rehearsals may be held at any time on Saturday. Sunday reherasals are from 2-5pm.

How do I find out about auditions?

  • Audition information is posted on the Liberty University splash page, the Theatre Arts Audition page, and the Department of Theatre Arts bulletin board. These places explain when and where auditions are held as well as how to prepare.

Is there a required internship for the Theatre Arts major?

  • There is an internship available, however an internship is not a graduation requirement.

What is the Senior Project?

  • The Senior Project is a graduation requirement. The details of the project may vary according to each student's concentration within the major, but all must be approved by the department.  The project is a capstone of the student's major and must occur during the student's final semester of study. Information concerning the Senior Project may be found in the Department of Theatre Arts Handbook.