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2011 - 2012 United States Military Academy Debate Tournament Results


Beau Troxclair and Chas Warren- Finalists

Andrew Landrum and Aaron Siegrist- Semifinalists

Savon Ayodeji and Alex Holguin- Quarterfinalists


Beau Troxclair- Second Speaker

Savon Ayodeji- Fourth Speaker

Alex Holguin- Fifth Speaker


Junior Varsity

Katie Alsop and Tara Rossdeutscher- Semifinalists

Will Scott and Aaron Trujillo- Semifinalists

Mark Febrizio and Zach Lotspeich- Quarterfinalists


Will Scott- Second Speaker

Aaron Trujillo- Third Speaker



Lindsay Murray and Wesley Walker- Champions!

Meagan Edwards and Grace Hilliard- Finalists

Caleb Bridwell and Micah Laremore- Semifinalists

Stacey Gardner and Devin Streeter- Octofinalists

Trevor Aharrah and Reece Simmons- Octofinalists

Sharon Holland and David Vander Pluym- Octofinalists


Lindsey Murray- Second Speaker

Wesley Walker- Fifth Speaker

Reece Simmons- Eleventh Speaker

Meagan Edwards- Twelfth Speaker

David Vander Pluym- Eighteenth Speaker