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2010 - 2011 U.S. Naval Academy Debate Tournament Results


Eddie Fitzgerald and Ben Hagwood - Quarterfinalists
Jacquelyn Poapst and Beau Troxclair - Octofinalists
Andrew Landrum and Aaron Siegrist - Octofinalists
Lincoln Garrett and Austin Woodruff - Octofinalists

Eddie Fitzgerald - First Speaker
Ben Hagwood - Second Speaker
Austin Woodruff - Sixth Speaker
Ryan Bass - Eighth Speaker
Jacquelyn Poapst - Ninth Speaker
Lincoln Garrett - Tenth Speaker

Junior Varsity

Derek Quinn-Woods and Joshua Woosley - Finalists
Brittannie Hedrick and Alex Hughes - Octofinalists

Derek Quinn-Woods - Fifth Speaker
Joshua Woosley - Seventh Speaker


Zachary Lotspeich and Sarah Victor - Champions!
Shawn Cowden and Aaron Trujillo - Finalists
Emily Elrod and Jacqueline Gregoire - Quarterfinalists
Sally Ann Edwards and Tara Rossdeutscher - Quarterfinalists
Mark Febrizio and Alex Holguin - Quarterfinalists

Zachary Lotspeich - First Speaker
Mark Febrizio - Fifth Speaker
Alex Holguin - Sixth Speaker
Sarah Victor - Eighth Speaker
Emily Elrod - Ninth Speaker