Honoring Our Founders: Dr. & Mrs. Lloyd

The King's Players began after a production of a historical drama, A Mighty Fortress, at Cascade College in the spring of 1960. The production told the story of the ministry and martyrdom of missionaries, Marcus and Narcissa Whitman, by the Cayuse Indians in the Oregon Territory. The cast had a strong desire to share this production with others beyond the walls of Cascade College. A thirty day tour was scheduled and The King's Players drama ministry was born.

Mrs. Helen Ritchie Lloyd was the director of the King's Players from 1960 to 1983. Known to her students as Mama Lloyd, she was loved deeply by her students. She held both a B.A. and a M.A. degree in theater from U.C.L.A. A very demanding and effective teacher in the classroom, she taught both drama and English literature at Cascade College, Asbury College (1961-1971) and at Liberty Baptist College 1975 - 1980).

Dr. Mark Brooks Lloyd was the manager of King's Players. He earned a Ph.D. in public speaking from Michigan State University. At Asbury Dr. Lloyd was the chairman of the Department of Speech and Drama and at Liberty he was chairman of the Division of Communication. Dr. Lloyd was the President of The King's Players Inc. from the time the organization was founded until 1992. Dr. Lloyd served as the team's business manager and for many years did scheduling for the ministry.

Although both Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd had many accomplishments, perhaps one of the greatest came when they celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. Dr. and Mrs Lloyd were also known for their generosity. Dr. Jerry Falwell identified Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd as the most giving of all faculty from 1973 to 1980. They were said to have lived on Dr. Lloyd's salary while donating Mrs. Lloyd's salary back to Liberty University. In addition, it is estimated that the Lloyds donated at least $150,000 in scholarships to students who traveled with King's Players. Also, the Lloyds supported the ministry of several missionaries laboring for Christ around the world. Dr. and Mrs Lloyd were loved, respected, and admired for their academic achievements, radiant Christian faith, and their commitment to King's Players.