The Miracle at Parris Island!

Six performances have been given at Parris Island, one of the most demanding of the nation's military training camps, to over 4,000 troops. Despite strong peer pressure, these men and women made a public profession of their faith. Over 400 men and women accepted Christ as their personal savior! These soldiers then enrolled in a 10 week discipleship course.

Sunday morning, Feb. 4, was just another typical Sunday morning unless you happened to be in the chapel on Parris Island, S.C. At 8 a.m. at least 800 men from this United States Marine Corps training facility assembled to see a production of Which Way by The King's Players. After praying together in the back of the auditorium, the team was ready to begin. Many students, family members, and friends had also been praying for this service and God answered prayer in a most exciting way. At the end of the program 100 soldiers made a public profession of Jesus Christ as their Savior. At 9:30 a.m. another 600 men and women entered the chapel. At the conclusion of Which Way another 100 Marines came forward to ask Jesus Christ into their lives.

Pictured is Chaplain Ralph Gibson conducting the invitation at the 9:30 a.m. service. Chaplain Gibson first learned of The King's Players by meeting a KP alumnus, Pastor Roger Dail of Hardeeville, S.C. The team was first invited to minister at Parris Island on March 11, 2001. After two services with 1200 Marines present - at least 130 salvation decisions for Christ were made!


One Divine Moment!
Each soldier who receives Christ is enrolled in a 10 week discipleship course. Chaplain Gibson said, "Our goal is not only to produce the best Marines possible, but to to send them out as missionaries all over the world." Pray for Chaplain Gibson's ministry on Parris Island and please pray that The King's Players will continue to have opportunities to minister to members of the Armed Forces. Thank you!

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