Join the King's Players of Liberty University!

The King's Players of Liberty University minister to churches and youth events on an average of two weekends each month and during spring break. The team meets each Tuesday from 7-10 for rehearsals.  Our tours usually leave campus Saturday morning and return late Sunday night. We encourage our students to avoid early morning classes on MWF due to late arrivals back on campus. 

“Challenges” Evangelistic youth play
“Which Way” Evangelistic Play
“He Came Seeing” a one act taken from John Chapter nine
“Family Outings” A powerful play on the family

Question: How does the team travel?
Our team travels by bus. The bus originally had 21 seats but we have removed many of them in order to let the team travel in more comfort.

Question: What ministry opportunities will their be?
There are several ways to minister on tour. The first of course is through acting in our plays. There are also opportunities for members to sing, play instruments, and give their testimonies. As a matter of fact we like to see all of these in most of our services. Most nights are spent in the homes of church members where we are visiting. This is a great opportunity for you to share how God is working in your life. Also, as we travel and meet people, there will be numerous opportunities for testimonies.

Question: When do team members get ministered to?
We make time for personal devotions and team devotions. Also, we ask the pastor of each church we visit to share a devotional with the team. It is exciting to heart the Word of God taught by over a hundred different pastors.

Most of those who have participated in King's Players agree that it was one of the best experiences of their life. I believe our next tour wold hold special blessing for you as well.

If you are interested in auditioning for this team please call me at 434 444 0339 or e-mail me at

Yours in Christ:

Dr. David Allison

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