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Professor Deborah Huff

Assistant Professor, Digital Media & Communication Arts
Advisor to the Liberty Champion
(434) 582-2428

Mrs. Deborah Huff brings to Liberty University 20 years of professional experience in journalism and public relations.

She received a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Morehead State University, a Master of Business Administration from Xavier University and most recently completed 18 advanced college credits in journalism at Spring Arbor University and Memphis University.

She found taking the additional courses at Spring Arbor enriching both as a refresher of content she knew, and as providing exposure to new media channels.

In 1995, Mrs. Huff agreed to substitute for a professor at Liberty and continue with her freelance work as a journalist and writer, but was persuaded to take on a fulltime teaching job at the university in 1996. She has been instructing students in journalism ever since.

“I feel like God spent the first 20 years of my professional life getting me ready to do what He’s got me doing now.”

Working closely with students in the Digital Media & Communication Arts department, Mrs. Huff has shaped the minds of some of the country’s most accomplished journalists, and revels in the different paths her students end up taking throughout their lives.

“I love seeing where (God) takes students when they leave here—whether it’s to graduate school or to work for companies or in the news industry—I get excited. When you’ve got a student who has won an Edward R. Murrow reporting award, it just makes your heart proud.”

Throughout the academic year, Mrs. Huff serves as the faculty advisor to the Liberty Champion, Liberty University’s student-run newspaper. Each week, Mrs. Huff guides students in the complete production process of publishing an award-winning newspaper focusing on campus events, sports coverage, community news, world news, politics and even opinion pieces.

“I don’t write the stories, but I am a little tug boat nudging or guiding what needs to be covered,” Mrs. Huff said.

Mrs. Huff first became interested in journalism when she was a small child. Her father, a carpenter, got her interested in absorbing the news—everything from print to broadcast. The two would watch the news together every night after dinner, and she would sit, entranced by the reporting.

“I’ve loved telling stories since a very young age. As soon as I discovered there was a newsletter at my elementary school, I was writing for it.”

During her free time, Mrs. Huff enjoys spending time with her family. She and her husband, Rick, have been married since 1975 and have two beautiful daughters, Katie and Kelsey. Their oldest daughter, Katie, a 2007 graduate of Liberty, is currently pursuing her second master’s degree while raising three children, Rocky, Gracie and Joy. Kelsey, a 2012 graduate of Liberty and Mrs. Huff’s youngest daughter, is due to graduate from Lynchburg College’s doctorate of physical therapy program in 2015.

For Mrs. Huff, spending time with her three grandchildren is one of the most wonderful things in the world. When she needs to unwind from a busy day filled with grading papers, putting out a newspaper and guiding her students—both current and former—in their academic and personal lives, Mrs. Huff likes to play with and enjoy the company of her grandchildren.

“It’s just the neatest thing in the world to sit there and hold them—the whole world just stops.”