Liberty University’s “Elect Jesus on Feb. 28” Video Contest

Prepare for moviemaking career!

Students gain a cross-disciplinary understanding of film making while learning how to make movies and bring them to the global marketplace.

Cinematic Arts

Winner Announcement

Producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey have selected the winners of the “Elect Jesus on Feb. 28” Video Contest:

Video: "Unwanted Girl"

Wes Reed – Director
Hannah Riggins – Producer
Jessica Friberg – Producer
Austin Lewis – Director of Photography
Troy Nicely – Camera Assistant/Editor
Mark Mijares – Production Designer/Editor
Walcene Metayer – Producer/Grip/Editing/Coloring
Josh Messarge – Electric/AD

Video: "Google Search"

David “DJ” Judd and Tiernan McGrath.
DJ is a senior residential student. He is from Arkansas.


Thank you for voting by watching video entries on the Liberty University YouTube page.

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