Apply to Cinematic Arts


Please send your application and essay for the 2017-18 school year as soon as possible. Applications will be reviewed on a first come, first serve basis. After an application is reviewed, a personal interview will be set-up as part of the final application process. 

Interview Requirements

1. Declare Cinematic Arts as your major of choice. The online application link below will only work once you have done this.

2. Upload the following 3 elements to the Cinematic Arts Online Application:

  • Complete the Application for Admission to Program.
  • Write a 1,000-word essay telling us your idea for an independent film.
  • Include one letter of reference from a Liberty University faculty/staff member or a Liberty RA. If transferring, a reference letter from a faculty or staff member of another college/university is acceptable.

For transfer students only:

In addition to the above, please send in your unofficial transcripts from any university/college that you have attended other than Liberty to

Note: Declaring a major can take up to a semester be processed by the university. Because of this, we also accept hard-copy applications and applications through email.

Interviews take place in the Cinematic Arts Main Offices, Green Hall 1892

Note: You need to have all of your general education courses completed (including CINE 201, CINE 202 and CINE 203) by the beginning of the fall term you plan on entering the program.

Films, DVDs or videotapes will not be accepted with applications

By enrolling in the Cinematic Arts Program, you will need to provide travel for yourself to off-campus locations in order to fulfill class requirements, and you will not be compensated for transportation.

Send any questions you have to

See FAQ.

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