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Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016 [Archived Catalog] [Archived Catalog]

PDF copy: School of Communication and Creative Arts - Online Program.pdf

School of Communication & Creative Arts - Online Program

Department of Studio & Digital Arts

The purpose of the Department of Studio & Digital Arts is to produce visual artists, graphic designers and art educators rooted in a Christ-centered perspective that governs every decision, action and work of art they undertake in the field of visual art.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio and Digital Arts - Graphic Design (B.F.A.)

The purpose of the Studio and Digital Arts - Graphic Design major is to strive to prepare students who will:

  1. Use their professional skills to complement their moral and ethical values;
  2. Possess both theoretical and historical understanding of studio and digital arts; and
  3. Make practical application of knowledge in professional and personal contexts as a communicator in the field of visual art.

Prior to submitting portfolio, students must take the following required courses: ARTS 113, ARTS 114, ARTS 211, ARTS 222 and ARTS 223.

The student will be able to:

  1. Critically analyze visual imagery in relation to history and culture;
  2. Effectively articulate the meaning of visual imagery;
  3. Visualize, conceptualize, and create visual imagery using traditional and digital materials, media, methods and techniques;
  4. Integrate a Christian worldview with best practices for creating visual imagery.

Programs of Study

Studio and Digital Arts Major (B.F.A) Graphic Design (Online)
General Education: Core Competency Requirements (27 hrs)
Christian Life & Thought (9 hrs)
Skills and Knowledge (12 hrs)
Core Courses in the Major (21 hrs)
ARTS 113 Introduction to 2D Design 3
ARTS 114 Introduction to 3D Design 3
ARTS 201 History of Art I 3
ARTS 202 History of Art II 3
ARTS 211 Drawing I 3
ARTS 222 Introduction to Graphic Design 3
ARTS 311 Drawing II 3
Art History (6 hrs)
ARTS 303 History of Graphic Design 3
Choose one of the following courses: 3
ARTS 203 Baroque Art
ARTS 204 Medieval Art
ARTS 206 Arts of East Asia
ARTS 207 The Arts of Latin America
ARTS 208 Italian and Northern Renaissance
ARTS 213 American Art and Architecture
Graphic Design Concentration (43 hrs)
ARTS 223 Introduction to Typography 3
ARTS 332 Vector Illustration 3
ARTS 340 Publication Design 3
ARTS 342 Digital Imaging 3
ARTS 352 Graphic Design I 3
ARTS 361 Digital Photography 3
ARTS 371 Graphic Design II 3
ARTS 380 Interactive Publication 3
ARTS 398 Studio and Digital Arts Practicum 3
ARTS 424 Advanced Typography 3
ARTS 473 Introduction to 3D Graphics 3
ARTS 477 Interactive Design I 3
ARTS 478 Interactive Design II 3
ARTS 492 Professional Practices 3
ARTS 499 Undergraduate Internship 3
Free Elective (2 hrs)
TOTAL HOURS: 120 hours minimum required; at least 30 hours must be 300-400 level.

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