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Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015 [Archived Catalog] [Archived Catalog]

PDF copy: Programs of Study - Online.pdf

Liberty University Online Programs of Study

Programs of Study

Following is a complete listing of the majors and minors offered at Liberty. Concentrations and cognates within given majors are listed under the major.  Liberty University defines a Concentration as a specific grouping of 18 or more credit hours that may be offered within the requirements for an Undergraduate Major or Graduate Program.  A Cognate is defined as a specific grouping of 9 to 17 credit hours that may be offered within the requirements for an Undergraduate Major or Graduate Program.

Unless published in this Catalog, no other undergraduate degree programs or major and minor fields can be offered by Liberty and students must be aware that Liberty has no responsibility to offer any degree program, major, or minor unless such information is found in this publication.  At least 50% of the semester hours in the major for any program of study or minor must be earned at Liberty University with the exception of the A.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies.

The requirements for graduation for all undergraduate programs are listed in this Catalog and on Degree Completion Plans (DCP) or Certificate Completion Plans (CCP) which are available on the web at http://www.liberty.edu/index.cfm?PID=2981.

A course planning schedule is provided in order for students to plan their classes for upcoming semesters. The planning schedule presents every class offered and the terms where it is scheduled to be taught.  This schedule is sorted alphabetically by class. You can find the course planning schedule by visiting the following site: http://www.liberty.edu/academics/registrar/index.cfm?PID=23103.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)




  • Concentration: Aviation Maintenance Management

Applied Web Technologies (Fall 2014)

Biblical and Educational Studies

Business Administration

  • Concentration: Finance
  • Concentration: Financial Planning
  • Cognate: Communications
  • Cognate: Economics
  • Cognate: Entrepreneurship
  • Cognate: General
  • Cognate: Green and Sustainable Management
  • Cognate: Healthcare Management
  • Cognate: Human Resources
  • Cognate: International Business
  • Cognate: Leadership
  • Cognate: Marketing
  • Cognate: Project Management
  • Cognate: Public Administration

Business Management Information Systems

  • Cognate: Accounting Information Systems
  • Cognate: Application Development
  • Cognate: Data Networking
  • Cognate: Database
  • Cognate: Gaming Technologies
  • Cognate: Information Assurance
  • Cognate: Intelligence
  • Cognate: Web Development

Christian Leadership and Management

Criminal Justice

  • Cognate: Business Administration and Management
  • Cognate: Criminal Psychology
  • Cognate: Forensics
  • Cognate: Homeland Security
  • Cognate: Public Administration
  • Cognate: Strategic Intelligence Studies
  • Cognate: Youth Corrections

Early Childhood Education Interdisciplinary Studies (non-licensure)

Elementary Education Interdisciplinary Studies (non-licensure)


  • Concentration: Politics and Policy
  • Concentration: Pre-Law
  • Cognate: Public Administration



  • Cognate: Healthcare Informatics

Information Technology

  • Cognate: Application and Database Development
  • Cognate: Data Networking and Security
  • Cognate: Gaming Design
  • Cognate: Web Development

Interdisciplinary Studies

Paralegal Studies


  • Cognate: Addictions and Recovery
  • Cognate: Christian Counseling
  • Cognate: Crisis Counseling
  • Cognate: Life Coaching
  • Cognate: Military Resilience

Religion ¹

  • Cognate: Biblical and Theological Studies
  • Cognate: Christian Counseling
  • Cognate: Christian Ministries
  • Cognate: Evangelism

Special Education Interdisciplinary Studies (non-licensure)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.)


Associate of Arts (A.A.)


Business ¹

Business Management Information Systems

Criminal Justice

Early Childhood Education (non-licensure)

Education (non-licensure) ¹

Interdisciplinary Studies ¹

Paralegal Studies ¹

Psychology ¹

  • Cognate: Christian Counseling 1

Religion ¹

Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)

Medical Office Assistant

Graduate of Theology Certificate (Th.G.)

Biblical Studies

Certificate Programs

Certificate in Accounting

Certificate in Application Development

Certificate in Biblical Studies ¹

Certificate in Business Administration¹

Certificate in Christian Ministry 1, 2

Certificate in Criminal Justice

Certificate in Data Networking

Certificate in Database

Certificate in Global Studies

Certificate in Health Sciences

Certificate in Healthcare Management

Certificate in Information Assurance

Certificate in International Business

Certificate in Military Resilience

Certificate in Paralegal Studies

Certificate in Preschool

Certificate in Public Administration

Certificate in Web Development




Biblical Studies


Business Management Information Systems

Christian Counseling

Church Ministries

Criminal Justice



Homeland Security

Information Security

International Studies

Military History


Public Administration

STEM: Science Technology, Engineering, Math

Special Education

Sport Outreach

Strategic Intelligence Studies

   ¹Available through Liberty University en Español

Additional information regarding specific degree programs can be found at http://www.liberty.edu/online . Programs offered by Liberty University en Español are located at at http://www.liberty.edu/online/lue-inicio/.

The requirements for graduation for all undergraduate programs are listed in this Catalog and on Degree Completion Plans (DCP) which are available on the web at http://www.liberty.edu/dcps.  

Liberty University en Español

Liberty University en Español offers Spanish-language versions of Liberty University Online programs.  The curriculum is the same as existing Liberty University Online programs, and the course requirements do not vary. The only difference in these programs is that Spanish-language versions of some of the course materials are available, and students are permitted to turn in written materials in their native language.  Further information is available at http://www.liberty.edu/online/lue-inicio/.

Completing a course or program in a language other than English may reduce employability where English is required.

Center for Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE)

The Liberty University Center for Professional and Continuing Education offers, through its residential and online programs, professional development and personal enrichment courses to meet community and individual needs. The Professional and Continuing Education component consists of instructional services, consultation, technical assistance, and community education interests. These opportunities are available in various residential and online venues: conferences, workshops, classes, etc. The principal unit awarded for participation in these non-degree credit activities is the certificate of the Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

Highlighted text indicates a change from the official version of the catalog.

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