DSST (Dantes Subject Standardized Test)


Michell Brandon
Supervisor, Testing Services

Location DeMoss Hall 1036
Phone (434) 582-2408

The DANTES Subject Standardized Test (DSST) program is a credit-by-examination testing program provided by Thompson Prometric. It is a series of 37 examinations of college-level academic, technical, and business subjects.

Colleges and corporations use DSSTs to measure knowledge in a particular area. Based on the achievement of a passing examination score, candidates can receive college credit or continuing education credit.

DSST testing is offered at national test centers, including Liberty University. Non-traditional returning adult students, corporate trainees, and military members now use DSSTs on a regular basis.

Please note: DSST credits cannot be applied to degrees for residential students. Only online students may utilize this option to gain credits for their degree. Please refer to for information on how residential students can gain exemption from classes via standardized examinations. 


The DSST fees are broken down in the following way:

Administrative Fee

Paid before the exam is taken by using the Testing Services Payment Portal.

*Administrative fee can be waived for active or retired military students. Please email in order to make these arrangements.



Paid on the day of the exam right before a student takes the test. 

Total per exam $130