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Jo Anne Trow Scholarship Award

2016 Application Process

Who May Apply:

LU Spring 2015 initiates who have maintained the required 3.5 career GPA through the end of this Fall 2015 semester are eligible to apply through our LU Chapter.

Additional Instructions for Liberty Chapter Applicants:

  1. Place your completed application and all documents in a 9"X12" envelope, seal it, and write your name across the sealed flap.  It will be opened by the Liberty ALD Scholarship Committee.
  2. Submit your packet to Mrs. Bessie Grayson in the Brett O'Donnell Center for Debate (DeMoss 2172) - just knock on the door and she or someone else will open the door for you.
  3. Mrs. Grayson will email you which will serve as an official notification of receipt of your packet.
  4. Liberty's Chapter Deadline Date:  We must receive your completed packet no later than 4:30 p.m. on Monday, March 21, 2016.
  5. Online ALD member applicants should mail their packets to arrive no later than the chapter's deadline date above to:  Mrs. Bessie Grayson, ALD Administrative Advisor, Debate, MSC Box 710017, 1971 University Blvd, Lynchburg, VA  24515


If you have further questions, please feel free to email Mrs. Grayson at