New Student Seminar (NSSR)

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Clint Melton
Coordinator of New Student
Seminar/Special Projects
Adjunct Instructor

Location GH 1845
Email NSSR
Phone (434) 592-4355




General Information

Information for NSSR 101

NSSR 101 is a graduation requirement. This online course is designed to help you transition into Liberty University by providing helpful resources, tools, policies, and technology that are here as an aid in your time at Liberty.

NSSR 101 provides you with an opportunity to connect with various department faculty, staff, and your peers.

NSSR 101 Includes:

  • 5 presentations
  • 5 quizzes with 5 questions on each
  • Each quiz can be taken multiple times until a score of 100% is achieved
  • Each section of NSSR 101 has an instructor assigned to assist and provide helpful information

Access and Due Dates

  • All new students are auto enrolled into a section of NSSR 101 upon acceptance 
  • Access to NSSR 101 begins when you see the class added to Blackboard, which is typically on the day of spring, summer or fall orientation
  • The course is due two weeks after you have attended a spring, summer, or fall orientation. The actual due date will be listed in the announcements of your section of NSSR 101

Get Prepared

You would benefit from viewing the following tutorials located in Course Content under Additional Tutorials in your Blackboard NSSR 101 course:

  1. How to register and use course "Clickers" in classes
  2. How to use ASIST
  3. How to use Blackboard
  4. How to complete Financial Check-In