Academic Opportunity Program

Academic Opportunity Program

The Academic Opportunity Program (AOP) at Liberty assists incoming freshmen to adjust to the rigors of college and get off to a good start academically in their first semester.

Distinctive Features of AOP

  • Students will be placed in groups of about 30 and have the same basic schedule. The AOP student schedule is created for the first semester to provide maximum success, allowing connections and positive study groups to be formed. A schedule of up to 14 credit hours will include the following:
    • ENGL 100 (Basic Composition)
    • MENT 100 (Foundations for Academic Success)
    • RLGN 105 (BWVW and Contemporary Moral Issues)
    • UNIV 101 (University Core Competencies)
    • BIBL 105 (Old Testament Survey) or BIBL 110 (New Testament Survey)
  • Each class counts toward graduation and is required either by Liberty or because of test scores. MENT is the key to the program because it teaches the skills that the successful college student is using to be successful. Topics covered in this course include time management, note-taking, test preparation and anxiety, test-taking strategies, memory, and other important subjects.
  • The MENT professor will monitor the student's academic progress during the semester and, coupled with the assigned advisor, will assist in selecting classes for second semester. This personalized attention is something very few college freshmen ever experience. Another asset to the program is that social adjustment will be easier since all 30 classmates will have a similar schedule.
  • During the second semester, students who participate in the AOP option are encouraged to enroll in a one-credit hour CLST 101 or CLST 105 course which will specifically address individual academic weaknesses to further foster academic success.
  • Because of these benefits, students in AOP will generally have a higher GPA in college than in high school. Statistics indicate that the average student will see his GPA go down. A strong GPA is very important since some majors, like Education and Nursing, require at least a 2.75 GPA for admittance to the program.

Contact Information

Mr. David Bellows
Assistant Director, Success Services
Assistant Professor of Education
(434) 592-4356

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