Faculty Support

Faculty Support

Joining you in your commitment to helping our students achieve their academic goals, the Academic Success Center (ASC) under the College of Applied Studies and Academic Success (CASAS) offers our expertise and services to aid you in your support.

Since academic departments and faculty members are some of the best resources our students have, the ASC is here to provide you with various services and consultation.

ASC Expertise

  • Academic support resources
  • Peer and group tutoring
  • Academic coaching
  • Study skill strategies
  • Guiding students in study/research

ASC Services

  • Service and program information for your students and how to refer them to our center
  • Presentations or workshops for your academic department, class, student group, or staff on academic success topics, resources or services
  • Activities and techniques to help your students develop their own academic success strategies through either in-class activities or one-on-one sessions
  • Individual consultation with you regarding students who are having academic difficulty and offering related resources