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Thursday, January 16, 2014
PointeCast Not Playing – Resolution in Progress - 3 Different issues

PointeCast – 3 different issues presented

First IssueRESOLVED - Presentation did not play and users were shown a watermark with a message about the PointeCast license being a temporary license and needing to be renewed.  That was incorrect – our license is current and we were able to fix the issue that was causing the watermark to be displayed.

SecondResolution in Progress -  Presentations are not playing sound or not displaying the slides.  We believe this is due to missing files or a corrupt presentation package.  We are currently working to repair all presentations reported in all sections affected.

ThirdResolution in Progress - Presentations are presenting a gray “xml error” in the top left corner of the presentation and the presentation does not play.  This is caused by missing files in the presentation folders.  We are currently working to replace the missing files in all sections that have been reported/and will be reported.

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