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Friday, February 8, 2013
Unable to Download all Assignments


If any special character is included when naming items that automatically create columns in the Grade Center (e.g., Test, Survey, Assignments), users won't be able to download all the files from the Grade Center at once.



First, remove the special character in the Assignment name first. Then remove the character from the Grade Center column for that Assignment.

It is common practice NOT to use special characters when naming items or files.

Special characters include but are not limited to: !  @  #  $  %  ^  &  *  (  ) ? / \ [ ]


** Currently professors are unable to download all assignments from the grade center if the assignment is a SafeAssignment.  Papers are most easily downloaded by going to Course Tools > SafeAssign > SafeAssignments > and then clicking the green down arrow beside the students names.

Posted by Kathleen Calvert at 10:47 AM | Comments (0)