School of Business Faculty & Staff

Faculty and Staff

Our faculty and staff members are truly some of the most committed men and women teaching today, pairing their knowledge on each subject matter with their devotion to Christ. With a constant focus not only on the mental growth but also on the spiritual growth of our students, our faculty truly represent what our university stands for.


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David Calland

Dr. David Calland
Interim Dean
(434) 592-6143

Kurt Cornfield

Professor Kurt Cornfield
Assistant Professor
(434) 582-2480

Anita Satterlee

Dr. Anita Satterlee
Associate Dean
(434) 582-2465

David G. Duby

Dr. David Duby
Associate Professor
(434) 592-3718

Scott Ehrhorn

Dr. Scott Ehrhorn
Associate Professor
(434) 592-3720


Dr. Michael Hart
(434) 592-6071

Professor Beth Koss
Assistant Professor
(434) 592-7321

Melanie Hicks

Dr. Melanie Hicks
(434) 592-3723

Andrew T. Light

Dr. Andrew Light
(434) 582-2475

Edward M. Moore

Dr. Edward Moore
(434) 592-4812

Melesa Poole

Dr. Jamie Stowe
Assistant Professor
(434) 592-6933


Professor Michael Floyd
(434) 592-4080

Jamie Stowe

Dr. George Young
(434) 592-5059


Dr. Fitzroy Gordon
Associate Professor
(434) 592-3438

Brian Satterlee

Dr. Brian Satterlee
(434) 582-2647

Professor Mike Kiperos
Assistant Professor
(434) 582-7444


Dr. Christopher Huseman
Associate Professor
(434) 592-5775

Virginia Zaffke

Professor Virginia Zaffke
Assistant Professor
(434) 592-3695

Catherine A. Buck

Professor Catherine Buck
Assistant Professor
(434) 592-3426


Mackenzie Kern
Faculty Support Coordinator
(434) 582-6415

Mary KerryTiffany Towne
Faculty Support Coordinator
(434) 592-7336


Jessica Pantana
Faculty Support Coordinator
(434) 582-2910

Mikaela Jackson
Office Manager
(434) 582-4643