Center for Cyber Excellence

Prepare for an Exciting Career in Cybersecurity

Gain the critical skills you need to help protect and defend information systems from attack through the Center for Cyber Excellence at Liberty University. Here, you’ll become proficient in ensuring the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of data. You will also learn how to preserve and restore systems and to develop risk management skills.

The Center for Cyber Excellence provides guidance and oversight of the cybersecurity programs at Liberty University.

With a mission to establish Liberty as the premier location for cybersecurity study, research, and hiring, the Center is committed to preparing you for success in this rapidly growing field.

Through our center, you’ll have the advantage of interacting with experienced instructors who are grounded in their faith and who care about your development and growth as an upcoming professional in the field.

Gain all the benefits that come along with an active cybersecurity center that encourages research, service, and the effective application of technology from a Christian worldview.

Spring 2018 Events

Cybersecurity Club - 13th Mid-Atlantic CCDC Regional Finals

March 13-15
Washington, D.C.

A Liberty team of 8 students and 4 alternates participated in the 13th Mid-Atlantic CCDC Regional Qualifications on Feb. 12, 2018. Read More

IT Security Policies

Cybersecurity News

A Single-Character Message Can Crash Any Apple iPhone, iPad Or Mac

Hardware vs. Software-based detection: Why it can’t be one or the other.

Microsoft Won't Patch a Severe Skype Vulnerability Anytime Soon


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