Leadership Excellence Ambassador Program

"Making the leap from student to student leader."


The Leadership Excellence Ambassador Program (LEAP) will represent, promote and serve the Liberty University School of Business through the advancement of the School’s mission, to educate business students with the values, knowledge and leadership skills needed in the development of the whole person to enable them to impact the world.


Ambassadors are a volunteer corps of the Liberty University School of Business who:

  • Promote pride and excellence in the School of Business
  • Possess the leadership skills to help execute School functions
  • Represent the School as knowledgeable representatives, both on campus and in the community, providing information and services to the student body and community about School programs, events, and charitable activities in a professional and friendly manner
  • Serve as volunteer leaders, meeting with prospective students and their families, planning and participating in fundraising events for the School’s charitable causes, outreach, community projects, and recruiting future Ambassadors
  • Provide feedback via the LEAP Student Advisory Group to the Dean, School of Business 


Ambassadors gain: 

  • Experience in interacting with business professionals and community leaders
  • Improved interpersonal skills from leadership, team building and experiential learning experiences
  • Immediate opportunities to make an impact within the School of Business, local communities and perhaps internationally
  • Christian service credit equal to the commitment provided to the LEAP program


Student Advisory Committee: The LEAP Student Advisory Committee (to the Dean, School of Business) will serve as student representatives, providing feedback (1x per semester) to the Dean of the School of Business regarding business programs, program outcomes, student involvement, and student activities.

Steering Committee: The LEAP Steering Committee will be responsible for planning the upcoming academic year’s LEAP programming in advisement of/with the LEAP Faculty Advisor(s).

Alumni Committee: The LEAP Alumni Committee will be responsible for planning LEAP Alumni events and networking opportunities for current and future LEAP participants.


If you are interested in applying for the LEAP program, please fill out the application, checklist, and reference form found below and turn it into the School of Business front desk in DeMoss Hall 1045.

Application forms

Application Checklist
Applicant Reference Form


President Ambassador (Any Business Discipline)
VP Ambassador – President Elect (Any Business Discipline)
VP Ambassador – Communication and PR (Marketing)
VP Ambassador – Membership Future (Recruiting) (HR)
VP Ambassador – Membership Past (Alumni) (HR)
VP Ambassador – Steering Committee (Project Management)
VP Ambassador – Treasurer (Accounting Finance)
VP Ambassador – Advisory Committee (Any Business Discipline)
VP Ambassador – Special Projects (Project Management)

*Position descriptions to be added to appendix.