Emily Knowles

Chair, School of Business

Discipline: Marketing

Professor Knowles holds a Master of Arts in Human Services with a concentration in Business and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration in Marketing. She has been teaching college-level courses since 2011 and currently serves as a Chair in the School of Business at Liberty. In addition to her academic role, she served as Coordinator of Academic Operations for Undergraduate Programs at Liberty from 2011-2013 where she assisted with the oversight of the university’s budget and procurement, faculty hiring and evaluation, and new administrative initiatives. Professionally, she has demonstrated authority in managerial roles in various fields while entrusted with increasing levels of responsibility. She also holds current membership in the Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management. 

Education and Degrees

  • Doctoral candidate in Business Administration concentration in Marketing, Walden University;
  • M.A. in Human Services - Business Administration, Liberty University;
  • B.S., Liberty University;