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First graduate from new program passes Certified Financial Planner Certification

Joshua Swartz

The School of Business would like to congratulate Joshua Swartz for passing the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) exam. Joshua Swartz graduated in May 0f 2011 with a degree in Finance, while also completing the education requirements to help him in preparation of the CFP exam. Since January of 2012, Joshua has been working for the JPH Advisory Group in Atlanta.

Joshua shares his experiences as a business student and how his professors were an encouragement to him throughout his education.

“When I first arrived on campus at Liberty University, I had a goal in mind of one day becoming a financial planner. I pursued a finance degree with the School of Business, but started to question if I should rather follow the traditional corporate finance route of the majority of finance students. I shared my desire to be a financial planner as a freshman with the former Dean of Business, Bruce Bell, who later approached me as a junior to tell me about Kurt Cornfield and the new CFP Certification Program Liberty would be soon starting. This only confirmed my desire to become a financial planner, and was a great comfort to see our sovereign God stir affections and provide paths to pursue them.

Kurt, along with a few other professors in the CFP program, were a tremendous help in preparing me for my transition to the working world, and eventual successful passing of the CFP Certification Exam. The material was difficult, but the professors were always able to break it down and work with us to better understand and grasp the material. But what really makes this program special has been the way Kurt and the other professors not only walked with me through the program, but also continue to walk with me as an alumni and fellow financial planner. The constant encouragement, prayer, and general love the professors’ show for their students is what sets the Liberty School of Business apart, and is why I am proud to be an alumni.”