Service with Excellence

Since Liberty's inception, the University's mission has always been for its faculty and staff to be used by God to change students' lives. Over a year ago, the university leadership established a vision for the faculty and staff to realize anew just how much ‘You Matter.'  A university-wide initiative was launched to provide faculty and staff with fresh resources to continue this mission.  One aspect of the ‘You Matter’ initiative was to create a visible and sustainable employee recognition program.  Liberty University believes that informal, department-level recognition is an important aspect of acknowledging the individual accomplishments and contributions of staff and faculty members.  In keeping with the principles established within the local university-wide ‘You Matter’ initiative, the School of Business desires to ensure that the crucial efforts performed by our online team are also recognized.

The Service with Excellence feature is based upon the concept of acknowledging the superior service provided by the online adjunct team! Faculty are nominated by their Instructional Mentors or School of Business Administration.  The School of Business recognizes and values the strength of our teams and the sacrifice our faculty makes in daily serving our students.


Laura Lamb

Laura is a full-time CPA who works in a Public Accounting Firm. She brings real-world accounting experiences into the Accounting Classroom first hand. Public Accountants work long hours and even over-time at various times during the year. Laura has never let her FT job get in the way of her teaching responsibilities in the classroom. She not only meets but exceeds expectations. Her dedication to students and the professionalism she brings into her classroom.


Joanne Jordan

Mrs. JoAnne Jordan is close to completion of her Ph.D. in advanced accounting and also holds an MBA and a Masters of Accounting. JoAnne brings to mind one specific portion of Scripture:

Ephesians 4: "I, therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called." 

Specifically, she was applying this verse in the Fall 2017 semester as she called from the hospital concerned that she would post her grades late. Her husband was in the hospital severely ill, but she cared enough for her students to call me and email her students. She completed her grading at the hospital, while her husband recovered. This was a tough semester for JoAnne as her husband was in the hospital several times, she had a broken foot, and she weathered hurricane Irma. Through all this turmoil, JoAnne had no complaints. She was troubled for others: her husband, her students, and her family. JoAnne walks worthy of her vocation as she loves teaching and she especially loves teaching for Liberty. It is an honor to know her and have her on my team.


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