Service with Excellence

Since Liberty's inception, the university's mission has always been for its faculty and staff to be used by God to change students' lives. Over a year ago, the university leadership established a vision for the faculty and staff to realize anew just how much ‘You Matter’.  A university-wide initiative with the same title, ‘You Matter’, was launched to provide faculty and staff with the fresh resources to continue this mission.  One aspect of the ‘You Matter’ initiative was to create a visible and sustainable employee recognition program.  Liberty University believes that informal, department-level recognition is an important aspect of acknowledging the individual accomplishments and contributions of staff and faculty members.  In keeping with the principles established within the local university-wide ‘You Matter’ initiative, the School of Business desires to ensure that the crucial efforts performed by our on-line team are also recognized.

Therefore, the School of Business has created a monthly recognition program entitled, Service with Excellence.  The program is based upon the concept of acknowledging the superior service provided by the online adjunct team! Faculty are nominated by their Instructional Mentors or School of Business Administration.  The School of Business recognizes and values the strength in our teams, and the sacrifice our faculty makes in servicing our students and will continue to encourage and support efforts in building a team environment.


March: Clifton Howell

Clifton (Cliff) Howell grew up in middle Tennessee and attended Tennessee Technological University in beautiful Cookeville, Tenn. There, he earned a bachelor's degree in business and an M.B.A. both with concentrations in Information Technology. In 2007, he completed his doctoral studies at Capella University and earned a Ph.D. in Organization & Management with a concentration in Information Systems. His primary area of research interest is technology acceptance and his dissertation is entitled, "Post-adoptive automaticity of use: A quantitative examination of habit in a mandatory use environment in the food service distribution industry." It deals with the relationship between users' habits and their acceptance of a computer system. Cliff has worked in manufacturing and distribution for the past nineteen years and has the opportunity to design, develop, and implement many interesting information systems. He currently works as a project manager for a large regional broadline foodservice distributor located in eastern North Carolina. Cliff and his wife, Amy, and have been married 19 years and they have two handsome boys, Gavin and Alex. Cliff’s hobbies include golfing, going to the firing range, and performing magic.

February: Dr. John Obradovich

Dr. Obradovich lives in Grandville, Mich. just southwest of Grand Rapids with wife of 33 years, Lori. John is retired from the Army and has a Ph.D. in Organizational & Management from Capella University.  He serves as the Subject Matter Expert; Organizational Ethics (BUSI 472).  He is a member of the Academy of Management, February 2009 – present and is the author of 12 separate publications. In his classes, John quickly establishes himself as an individual who provides additional assistance to those students who are struggling. He clearly demonstrates a spirit of godliness through his encouragement and use Scripture to instruct and guide the students toward a deeper walk with the Lord. He displays excellence in his operation and execution of the tasks assigned in each classroom. 

January: Dr. William Baddorf

Dr.William (Bill) Baddorf holds a Ph.D. in organizational development (change management) and also holds a M.B.A. (management & marketing) and a M.A. in human development (why we, as humans, do what we do).  He also has a military background as a test pilot and instructor on the Boeing 747 and McDonald-Douglas DC-10. Bill has excelled inside and outside of the classroom, but what makes Bill special and one of the core reasons he is our recipient this month, is his selflessness.  Bill models placing others before self in almost every area of his life.  Recently, Bill was in fact acting on this very principle as he was helping a young couple new to his church, by clearing a portion of their land with his tractor. Bill had no idea, that while operating his tractor that he would experience a severe injury, destroying his L1 vertebrae (85% shattered) requiring several surgeries and months of physical therapy. During the initial stages Bill contacted his IM from the hospital simply to advise him that he would do his best to submit his grades on time for the B term to ensure his students were provided the level of engagement they expected.  We continue to pray for Bill’s full healing and return to complete health and are immensely blessed by his selfless acts of service.

November: Dr. Bill White

Dr. Bill White

Currently Bill lives in a small town named Albany –population 2000! - located approximately 90 miles Northeast of Indianapolis, Ind. He is a product of online schools, so he knows what it is like to be an online student. Bill earned a Ph.D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences with a specialization in Leadership and Organizational Change from Walden University, a B.A. and M.A. in Industrial Education from Ball State University. He has worked in many different functions in his career. For example, he worked for General Motors for 33 years and chose to retire in 2006 when the plant closed. At that time he started a management consulting business and began online teaching at the collegiate level upon retirement from GM. Bill always says he enjoys the online environment. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time at the church with his family and enjoys fishing with his grandsons (ages 9, 11, 16, and 18). They enjoy going when the fish are biting but Bill enjoys just going; period! Bill is a member of Epsilon Pi Tau, American Society of Quality (ASQ), and Production and Operations Management Society (POMS).

October: Professor Kevin Bell

Professor Bell has been teaching organizational behavior, business and marketing online, in the classroom and via closed circuit television since 1996. He has over 30 years of business experience in various positions including regional vice president of a multi-national financial services company, general manager of an national insurance company, university academic dean,  consultant, board director and corporate advisor. He received the Sam Walton Fellowship, The Wall Street Journal Achievement Award, and the Fortune Humanitarian Award for Leadership and is cited in Who’s Who Among Business Leaders Worldwide, Online Professor of the Year award and the Donald R. Stoddard Award for Teaching Excellence by vote of the student graduating class. He is a native of New York City where he began as a Wall Street broker but has adopted the Washington, DC area as his home where he now enjoys teaching business and serving as a consultant to corporations and Christian colleges that need assistance with policy issues and accreditation. He enjoys serving on the board of directors and traveling as a missionary on behalf of an organization that establishes non-denominational Christian K-12 schools in impoverished areas worldwide. His current work is in Belize, Central America. He holds an MBA (4.0 GPA) and a B.S. in Accounting and PhD, ABD in Organizational Behavior.

September: Dr. Nancy Kippenhan

Dr. Nancy Kippenham

Professor Nancy Kippenhan holds a B.S. and MBA in management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY and a Juris Doctorate from Widener University School of Law, Harrisburg, Pa. Her experience includes, industrial and consumer marketing, public relations, corporate communications, and government and community relations for both consumer and business-to-business entities.  She worked as in-house counsel for the Pennsylvania Governor’s Office of General Counsel, in the Departments of Community & Economic Development, General Services, and State (1998 – 2006).  In practice, her experience included economic development, commercial litigation, and professional licensing prosecutions in federal and state courts and administrative venues. Nancy has been admitted to practice in state and federal courts of Pennsylvania, the Third Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court. In addition, she has taught various legal courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels and supports our legal curriculum as a subject matter expert for several classes. Nancy is also known for bringing the same approach to teaching as she does in legal practice – to do it ethically and responsibly, as a calling from God and as a mission for Christ.