Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (B.A.)

Residential Program

The major in Philosophy fosters superior skills in written and oral communication, problem solving, 'thinking outside the box' and formulating understandable solutions to complex problems. These skills are transferrable to a wide variety of work and ministry fields, and highly desirable in the workplace. This major also forms an excellent foundational degree for most graduate-level study. 

The B.A. in Philosophy equips the student with critical skills, knowledge, and values to positively impact today's world. Philosophy majors rank first in the GRE exam (a widely required examination for entry into graduate programs) in the verbal section; first overall among non-science majors; and ninth overall (based on 2002 GRE test scores from the Educational Testing Service (ETS)). Contributing to this ranking is Philosophy's emphasis on clear and well-argued writing, the analysis of ideas and an careful articulation of those ideas using metaphors, models and methods.

Academic Information


Sampling of Program courses:

  • History of Philosophy I: PHIL 301
  • Symbolic Logic: PHIL 310
  • Epistemology: PHIL 420
  • Metaphysics: PHIL 430
  • Philosophy of Religion: PHIL 440

Program of Study

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Career Opportunities

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Studying in the field of philosophy will help equip you in such fields as:

  • Management and administration
  • Government
  • Law
  • Teaching and counseling
  • Pastoral and campus ministry
  • Youth ministry
  • Parachurch ministry
  • Classical Christian schools
  • Apologist
  • Cultural commentator
  • Evangelism and apologetics
  • Publishing and journalism
  • Hospital ethics
  • Politics
  • Criminal justice
  • Computer science/information technology
  • Business/research and development
  • Theologian
  • Human Rights advocate

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