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Student Testimonials About Philosophy Studies

“The Christian community between students and the faculty in the Liberty University philosophy department provided an important perspective in earning my degree, and I still miss the sense of a transcendent purpose present in the department.

I felt, along with my classmates, that we could make a real difference in the many contemporary debates about ethics, politics, and the role of religion in supporting a moral and free society. Studying philosophy at Liberty helped me understand the complexities at the foundations of these debates, and I still feel that a careful, rational, and loving approach to these problems is the right way forward for a young Christian who wants to make a positive difference in the world.”

–Steve Hudson, BA in Philosophy (2007)

“I came to Liberty University in 1994 as an enthusiastic prospective nursing student. The following fall, I entered LU's prestigious BSN program. By the spring semester I was exhausted. The rigorous academics and clinical schedule were fulfilling but intense. Part of my degree plan was Introduction to Philosophy, which I scheduled that semester without much thought. From the first minute of class I was entranced. I enjoyed it so much I enrolled in Logic for the next term. One thing led to another, and soon I had accumulated enough Philosophy courses to achieve a minor.
I intended to provide a respite for my overworked right brain. I found instruction on building a foundation for my life. The philosophy faculty taught me not to stuff those hard questions into a dark corner my mind, but to discuss them, knowing God honors an earnest seeker. I was impressed by their rational approach, and touched by how candid and they were about their personal lives with Jesus. I learned to have confidence in the truth. I found the brilliant beauty that hides behind the "grey areas" in the black and white world of religion. Perhaps most surprising to me was the fact that my Philosophy courses were so harmonious with my nursing curriculum. The light cast by my new perspective helped me see nursing for the art that it is amidst the context of science and technology. What began as a diversion is what gave my faith its "sea legs" and helped me define the purpose of my career.

I completed my BSN and have now been an RN for thirteen years. I am still practicing nursing as an artist, and I still feed my faith by asking hard questions. I encourage students in any field of study to consider Philosophy at LU as a minor. The Philosophy faculty encourages students to "learn to learn." Their education will be enhanced and their goals empowered for a lifetime.”

–Becky Melton, BS in Nursing (1998)

“I use my philosophy degree every day. Philosophy goes beyond mere acquaintance with particular people and ideas, though you learn all about those things too. The true value of this degree is in learning how to think—how to be a good thinker, a wise thinker. A philosophy degree at Liberty will equip you for the rest of your life with a foundation to think deeply and rationally as a faithful Christian in the midst of an unbelieving world, as well as provide thorough preparation for future academic endeavors. It has served me well.”

–Wesley Grubb, BA in Philosophy (2009)

“I consider the four years I spent in the Department of Philosophy at Liberty University as a graduate student to have been among the most formative of my short thirty years. Every professor that I worked with taught me the value of doing rigorous philosophy. The more I interact with philosophy students from other universities, the more I look back on my time at Liberty thankful that I was driven to pursue thoughtful interaction with elite philosophical minds from every era of western philosophy.

The faculty members are both academically challenging and warm; they are always open for discussion and meeting outside of the classroom. The relationships that I developed with faculty members, whom I consider my mentors, as well as those I developed with fellow classmates, are relationships I expect to last the rest of my life. The training I received in Liberty University’s Department of Philosophy continues to influence my life as a scholar in profound ways.”

–J. T. Turner, MA in Religious Studies (2009)

This is really the heart of the degree isn’t it? The faculty? There’s really no point in pursuing graduate study—especially graduate study in philosophy—if the faculty’s no good. Liberty’s Philosophy department faculty is the reason the program churns out graduates who go on to top-quality Ph.D. programs. They have their degrees from some of the most prestigious universities in the world; and what’s more, they are tireless in their efforts to make each student as well trained as possible. And they do it all in the name of, and for the sake of, Jesus our Lord. As a Christian philosophy student, I doubt there’s much more I could have asked for. 

My experience with this faculty made my time in the M.A. program not only memorable and enjoyable, but endlessly fruitful. I grew probably ten-fold in my knowledge and faith in Jesus Christ during my career as a graduate student in the Philosophy department. These men were not only my philosophical trainers; they were spiritual advisors and mentors. I can’t be more thankful than I am that Jesus allowed me to train under these men for the short time I did. These faculty members were an enormous blessing to me as I went through the program; and I am confident that this faculty will be an enormous blessing to any student it serves in the future.

–Roger Turner, MA in Religious Studies (2009)

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