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With a philosophy degree from Liberty University, you'll get a cognitive, biblically-based foundation so you can serve others effectively in the university setting, workplace, or ministry. Learn about the benefits of a philosophy degree.

Advising for Juniors and Seniors

Junior and senior philosophy majors who would like to meet with an advisor, should schedule a meeting with a faculty member in the department. Please email Dr. Ed Martin at to set up an appointment.

Note from the Chair

Dr. Edward MartinThe Department of Philosophy offers many vital courses that will allow you to profitably navigate the times we live in. We'll help you correctly interpret and resiliently apply biblical truth for living a good and beautiful life based on the absolute authority of God's Word over us, and expressly act as an intellectual agent of transformation and good thinking in our culture, all to the Glory of God! ? — Dr. Ed Martin, Co-Chair, Philosophy

But what is Philosophy?

Philosophy is different from other fields such as psychology and must be distinguished carefully. It is what we call a second-order inquiry, because it looks at thinking itself, and examines the art and skill of good, hard thinking about the most vexing questions related to understanding ourselves, our God, and our world. 

This is why the subfields like ethics (the study of what is morally right and wrong, and why), logic (the study of proper (and improper) forms of argumentation), and epistemology (the study of the nature and limits of human knowledge) fall squarely under philosophy. 

Some of philosophy's questions include: Does God exist? If so, what are God's nature and attributes, and how might God be related to the world and to us? More generally, what is there

If you had to make a list of all things that exist, what would be on the list--and why? Do human beings have a particular function, a purpose, a destiny? Or is human life just sound and fury, signifying nothing? Can we know anything at all? Is history going anywhere? Is there life after death? Do our lives have enduring significance?  Importantly, are there moral truths? Is there any way for us to identify, seek and obtain a lasting, satisfying happiness? 

Socrates' famous phrase, "The unexamined life is not worth living," as well as Jesus' equally famous phrase, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full," are both very central and relevant to this crucial question, "How shall we then live?" 

In our department, it is our privilege to live life together with you, to share insights and think together about how best to find life–the fullest life that God wants us to live. 

Philosophy equips you to understand how systems of human thought work; what they must assume to work; what criteria we might use to assess different theories or worldviews; how to understand strengthening, questioning, revising and rejecting certain beliefs; and, why all of this is both very important and very practical to our everyday lives. 

Each of our faculty holds the Ph.D. degree and has attended seminary, and each is accessible for meeting with students. Contact Dr. Edward Martin at for further information about our programs.

Questions You May Have

  • Can I get a job if I major in philosophy? 
  • What do philosophy majors do after they finish? 
  • Is philosophy a good major that pays off in the long run?

Find answers to these questions as well as information on career trends, getting into graduate school, and more.

Student Testimonials

"Every professor that I worked with taught me the value of doing rigorous philosophy... The faculty members are both academically challenging and warm; they are always open for discussion and meeting outside of the classroom."
– J. T. Turner, M.A. in Religious Studies

"I learned to have confidence in the truth. I found the brilliant beauty that hides behind the "grey areas" in the black and white world of religion."
– Becky Melton, B.S. in Nursing

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