Shoe and Glove Requirement

The Liberty University Marching Band is pleased that you will soon wear our very sharp and state-of-the-art uniforms. While the uniform (jacket, trousers, shako & plume, gauntlets, raingear) are provided by the band, all members are required to purchase their own BLACK gloves and "Drill Masters" black shoes (sorry, no other shoe is accepted that you may have had from high school, even if they are rather new). We have required these shoes for a few years now, and it presents a professional appearance. Please order your shoes from a vendor of your choosing, such as Gloves may be any brand, cotton or grip, etc.

Our guard section will place a separate order for their unique footwear and gloves.

You may also contact Daniel Spencer, Head Field Commander, at for more information.

Our local music store, Lynchburg Music Center, will also offer these shoes and gloves for sale at band camp checkin. Prices may vary.


Thank You!

Thanks to our staff, officers, drum majors and band members for an incredible season! The Spirit of the Mountain had an excellent year, including a weekend at Myrtle Beach!

The Christmas Banquet, our final event this season, is coming right up! Be sure you've got your tickets, it's going to be a fun filled evening of memories, awards, and laughter!

Are you on Facebook?

The Liberty University Marching band has a Facebook, a Twitter, a Blogspot, a Soundcloud, and a Youtube, all with regularly updated content. If you are on facebook a lot or if you like having instant updates from twitter, go to the links above and stay current with changes and announcements!


Spin that Record!

The Liberty University Marching Band 2012 CD is in, finished and ready for purchase! Containing our full annual field show, as well as many of our stands tunes and drum cadences and grooves, the CD is an excellent way to remember the 2012-2013 Spirit of the Mountain band!

$3.00 = Band members.

$10.00 = General Public.

Stop by Performing Arts 133C (Band Officers' office) to pick up a copy.

Disney, here we come!

The Marching band is performing at Jacksonville Landing in Jacksonville, FL. at 6:00 p.m. Ask your family and friends in the area to stop by and see the Spirit of the Mountain perform!

The Disney World Parade is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. come to Disney World on Saturday, the 12th and see the Marching Band perform in the Magic Kingdom parade!

March on, to Disney!

The Liberty University Marching band is headed to Walt Disney World this November to march in the "Celebrate a Dream Come True" Parade! We're leaving VERY early in the morning on Friday, November 11th, and we will roll into Jacksonville, Florida that evening. Then on Saturday, we are spending the day in the park at Disney World, and we will perform in the afternoon parade, and then spend the rest of the evening in the park. We will stay in Jacksonville that night and head home early Sunday morning.

This is an incredible trip and we are very excited to have such a wonderful opportunity this year! We will be marching in front of thousands of children and adults of all ages, and we are preparing for a phenomenal weekend at Disney!


Wind Ensemble selection for CBDNA

We are privileged and excited to announce that the Liberty University Wind Ensemble has been selected from among our peers to perform at the CBDNA Southern Division Conference in February!  We are named among some very prestigious ensembles.  Seven wind ensembles/wind symphonies have been chosen from 19 auditioned submissions, one of which is the Liberty University Wind Ensemble!

We are honored to be selected, and will be preparing to fulfill the expectation for an outstanding performance before a large gathering of college band directors, college students, and high school students who will attend the performance in February. This opportunity recognizes the achievement of the Liberty University Wind Ensemble over the past several years.  This is an outstanding accomplishment for our students and a high honor for Liberty University!