New for the Fall 2015: all flute players all flute players will be required to play their own piccolo.  If you do not own a piccolo, please begin the process at this time to acquire your own.  The band does not supply piccolos to marching band members.  We are hopeful that all our flute players will find the benefits of playing piccolo in marching band!



Shoe and Glove Requirement

The Liberty University Marching Band is pleased that you will soon wear our very sharp and state-of-the-art uniforms. While the uniform (jacket, trousers, shako & plume, gauntlets, raingear) are provided by the band, all members are required to purchase their own BLACK gloves and "Drill Masters" black shoes (sorry, no other shoe is accepted that you may have had from high school, even if they are rather new). We have required these shoes for a few years now, and it presents a professional appearance. Please order your shoes from a vendor of your choosing, such as Gloves may be any brand, cotton or grip, etc.

Our guard section will place a separate order for their unique footwear and gloves.

You may also contact Daniel Spencer, Head Field Commander, at for more information.

Our local music store, Lynchburg Music Center, will also offer these shoes and gloves for sale at band camp checkin. Prices may vary.



Are you on Facebook?

The Liberty University Marching band has a Facebook, a Twitter, a Blogspot, a Soundcloud, and a Youtube, all with regularly updated content. If you are on facebook a lot or if you like having instant updates from twitter, go to the links above and stay current with changes and announcements!



Spin that Record!

The Liberty University Marching Band 2014 CD will be produced and ready for purchase at the end of the 2014 season! Containing our full annual field show, as well as many of our stands tunes and drum cadences and grooves, the CD is an excellent way to remember the 2014-15 Spirit of the Mountain band!

More details soon to follow!