Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there an audition process required for admission into The  Spirit of the Mountain?
A placement audition is required of members, and takes place on the first day of band camp, prior to our first music rehearsal.  We try to find a place for everyone!  

  - Individuals interested in playing in The Spirit of the Mountain Drumline and Front Ensemble should audition during the Spring for placement, and will also play for a final audition at the time of drum camp registration, to determine on which battery or front ensemble instrument they will be placed.  Please contact Dr. Kevin Super for more information.

  - Persons interested in joining the Color Guard section should contact Bryanna Tester for more information at  Auditions for Color Guard are held during the College for a Weekend in April, and by appointment.

2. Am I expected to provide my personal instrument?

 - Woodwind and trumpet players should use their personal instruments, though we do have a limited number available to borrow.  All other brass and percussion instruments are provided by the school, and will be assigned at registration time.  We play all sterling silver, bell-front, valve instruments: Mellophones, Slide Trombones, Baritones, and Tubas.  All slide trombonists will be provided with very nice silver slide trombone that we have recently purchased...we no longer play on flugabones.

3. Is The Spirit of the Mountain Marching Band a class?

Yes.  The Spirit of the Mountain Marching Band is a one credit class, for which all members must register, and meets MWF from 3:05 p.m. to 5:05 p.m.  Marching Band class is our field/music rehearsal time--we do not hold an indoor music rehearsal and a separate marching rehearsal, as do most high school marching bands. The course is MUSC 184-001 for all members in their 1st-4th semesters in the band program (1st or 2nd for colorguard), and MUSC 484-001 for members in their 5th semester or more (3rd or more for colorguard). In addition, each section will meet for 1 hour each week, outside of band rehearsal, to work on music and drill issues within the section.

4. Are members required to purchase their own uniforms?

 - No.  Uniforms are provided to band members for the season.  A $30 damage deposit is collected at band camp registration, and is returned to the student at the end of the band season, provided the uniform is returned in an approved condition.  All marching band members are required to purchase black Drill Master shoes, and the hornline and front ensemble members are also required to purchase black cotton gloves.

5. How often does the marching band travel during the season?

The Spirit of the Mountain typically travels to one or two events each season, in addition to its performance at all home football games and hosting the USBands Central Virginia Regional high school marching band competition.  Trip expenses such as food, transportation and lodging are covered by the band.

6. Will I receive a scholarship as a member of The Spirit of the Mountain?

- Yes!  All members receive a scholarship for their participation in The Spirit of the Mountain.  The amount is $715.00 for the first fall semester in our marching band, and increases by an additional $100.00 for each consecutive fall semester that the student is enrolled in marching band ($815.00, $915.00 and $1015.00).