M.A. in History

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different tracks?
Yes, Thesis (30 hours) and Comprehensive (36 hours)

Are there different areas of content emphasis?
Yes, European and American

Is there a foreign language requirement?
For European thesis track only (12 undergraduate hours or demonstrate proficiency to history graduate director)

Is there a GPA requirement?
3.0 is the GPA requirement.  However, 2.50 through 2.99 will be admitted on caution. 

Is the Program online?
Yes.  However, only the comprehensive track is online. 

What are the Prerequisites?
18 undergraduate history or related discipline.

How many graduate hours can I transfer?
6 (must have been take within the last 10 years; core courses must be taken at Liberty)

How do I fill out an application for admission?
Go to ASIST at www.liberty.edu/online

  • Click on ‘Apply Now’
  • Follow the instructions to complete your application
  • Note: the application for admission should not be sent to the History Department; it should be sent to Graduate Admissions
  • Note also: Students who have attended Liberty University previously may contact admissions at 1-800-424-9596 and fill out an application over the phone

What other documents are required?

   Thesis Track (Residential)

  • Official Transcripts
  • GRE scores: 155 verbal and 3.5 analytical writing
  • 12-15 page (or longer) typed research paper with application.  The paper should use Turabian (Chicago Manual) Style for citations and formatting. 
  • 300-500 word statement explaining why you want to pursue a M.A. in History at Liberty University. 
  • Two letters of academic or professional recommendations

    Comprehensive Track (Residential or Online)

  • Official transcripts
  • 300 to 500 word statement explaining why you want to pursue a M.A. in History at Liberty University.
  • Two letters of academic or professional recommendation

Can I send documents electronically?
Yes. All documents with the possible exception of official transcripts can be sent electronically.  Send all documents to the following email address: residentgraduate@liberty.edu.

How do I apply for a Graduate Student Assistantship (covers up to 21 hours per year and a stipend)? 
Contact Ruth Ronk at history@liberty.edu to receive a link to our direct GSA application on the Human Resources website.

What are the course descriptions?

See the Academic Course Catalog.

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