Omicron Gamma Phi Honor Society

Fall 2016 Meeting Dates

Tuesday 2/2 5 p.m. DH 4074
Tuesday 3/1 5 p.m. DH 4074
Tuesday 4/5 5 p.m. DH 4074
Tuesday 5/4 11 a.m. DH 4074


Omicron Gamma Phi was established in March 1994 as a Christian honor society for Family and Consumer Sciences students, it is a young society seeking to recognize excellence on Christian campuses.

The Greek name is an acronym that is symbolic of the purpose of the society. Omicron represents the first letter in the Greek word Family. Gamma is the first letter in the word Science. And Phi is the first letter in the word Light. Together they represent the Honor Society as Family Science Light.

The purpose of the society is threefold. First, Omicron Gamma Phi encourages and recognizes excellence in scholastic achievement. Second, it seeks to maintain a uniquely Christian worldview through the integration of Biblical principles with academic content. Third, the society encourages service by membership.

2013-2014 Officers
Clockwise from Bottom Left: Kristen Goodrich President, Melissa Felder Vice President, Joy Perez Treasurer, Christiana Walker Secretary

2013-2014 Members



  1. A student at Liberty University who has a declared major in FACS
  2. GPA of 3.25
  3. 45 credit hours completed
  4. Attendance at two or more meetings per semester, and participation in at least three volunteer activities per semester.
  5. Upon acceptance into Omicron Gamma Phi, a $25 membership will be required.

Application to Print and Complete