Dr. Paul Müller

Paul MullerAssociate Professor of English and Linguistics

DeMoss 2130

Degrees Earned

B.A. (Linguistics) Cum Laude University of Tennessee. 1979 
                          Honors Society- Eta Sigma Phi
M.A. (Linguistics) University of Texas at Arlington. 1984
                          Specialization: TESOL
Ph.D. (English) Louisiana State University. 1995 
                          Medieval Language & Literature


Having spent four of his adolescent years in Dutch schooling as a missionary kid, the young Mr. Müller’s course in life seemed destined to center on the study of language. Following a tour of duty in the Navy after high school, he took a B.A. in linguistics at the University of Tennessee, studying Greek and Hebrew, and then an M.A. in linguistics at the University of Texas at Arlington, studying with the Summer Institute in Linguistics, the academic arm of Wycliffe Bible Translators. After teaching English as a second language for several years, Mr. Müller began his program for a Ph.D. in English at Louisiana State University, studying medieval English language and literature, linguistics, and the philosophy of language, and writing his dissertation on the oral performative voice in Beowulf. Dr. Müller has taught at Liberty since 1991, served five years as department chair, from ‘98 to ‘03, and now serves as coordinator for the program in Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language and director of the Liberty English Language Institute and the Liberty Summer Institute in TESOL. Dr. Müller has been married for 24 years and has one daughter. Besides these, his loves in life are all things medieval, an evening on the lake, classical music, chocolate ice-cream, and a good story well told.

Scholarly Publications/Presentations

Presentation: “Toward a Pedagogically Motivated Rubric for Describing World Languages”
                       Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, Lexington. Kentucky, Spring, ‘04
Presentation: “Story Telling and Speaker Meaning in Beowulf” 
                       Shenandoah Language and Linguistics Symposium, Spring, ‘99
Moderator (Substitute), Special Session "Preformations of the Book in the Middle Ages" 
                       MLA, Washington, D.C., Fall, '89
Chair, Audio-Visual Committee
                       LATESOL, Baton Rouge, LA, Spring, '88
Presentation: "The Introduction to the Argumentative Essay"
                       LATESOL, New Orleans, LA, Spring, '87

Courses Taught

Introduction to Linguistics
Phonetics & Phonemics
Morphology & Syntax
World Languages
Issues and Practices in TES/FL
Modern Grammar
Etymology of English
History of the English Language
Arthurian Legends


The reason that God created the world: the Bride of Christ. (All the rest pale in comparison)
The fathomless wonder of the human experience, that man can appreciate goodness, truth, beauty
Grammatical systems—morphology & syntax—of the world’s languages
People, just people—’ most interesting things I’ve ever seen

Community & Christian Service

Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center, Board Member since 1999, Vice President