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I hope this answers a few of your questions about our aviation program here at Liberty University. Please feel free to call the office if you have further questions.

I look forward to the opportunity of meeting and talking to you in the near future.

Mr. Ernie Rogers
Assistant Dean, Residential Studies
Aviation Department
Telephone: 434-582-2183

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I apply?

You must fill out a completed Liberty University application, and upon acceptance you may apply to the Aviation Department. For more information about applying for admission to Liberty University, please call 1-800-543-5317.

What do I need to qualify for the Aviation Program?

To qualify for admission into the Aviation Program, you must have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5 and be accepted by Liberty University. The average student in our program has a 3.0 G.P.A. You must also be able to pass the FAA 2nd class medical and have eyesight that is correctable to 20/20. For information about FAA medicals please go to:
These websites also include a list of FAA medical doctors in your area. Additionally, we will need a readable copy of your birth certificate and government photo ID or current passport upon acceptance into the program.

How many students are in the flight program?

Currently, we have approximately 300 students enrolled.

If I am interested in participating in NCAA sports as well as Aviation, is that possible?

We have many students that are involved in both aviation and sports. The best way to reach the coach will be to visit our athletic website at Collegiate sports are very demanding so we will need to carefully schedule your classes and flight blocks.

Do I need to have a car as an aviation student?

Our flight training facility and Academic building are located at Lynchburg Regional Airport, approximately 2 miles from the Liberty University campus. If the student does not have their own car, we now have a scheduled bus service that travels between the Flight Operations building, the Airport Academic building and Demoss Hall.

Please check the Liberty University Transit webpage and search for Bus Route 76 for an up to date schedule.

Are scholarships available?

No aviation related scholarships are available through Liberty University School of Aeronautics, but many scholarships are given by the Liberty University Admissions Department.

Should I visit the campus?

I highly recommend that you come visit us at any time. The university sponsors College for a Weekend events that you can participate in or you can simply call us to arrange a visit. We encourage you to attend an aviation class or two during your visit. We can schedule tours Monday-Friday from 8:30am - 4:30pm.

Do you compete in the National Intercollegiate Flight Association flight events?

Yes, we are in Region X and have been actively involved for seven years. During that time we have won the regional event six consecutive years and placed second in the other. You must have a private pilot certificate to try out for the team.

Are you a member of the University Aviation Association?


Are you a member of International Association of Missionary Aviation?


Is your program accredited?

Yes, we are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Universities (SACS) and Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS).

What type of experience does your senior staff have?

Our senior staff has over 180 years of aviation experience in missionary, airline, and military flying.

Are summer aviation classes available?

Yes, but they are only flying classes. We recommend that you attend summer flight sessions if you are nearing the completion of a certificate or you simply desire to get ahead. During the summer you can expect to fly 5 times a week.

When do you usually become a flight instructor?

Normally, a student must remain at Liberty University over a summer to gain the flight time necessary to become eligible before their senior year. In order to qualify, the individual must sit before the Certified Flight Instructor Board. We consider individuals based on their spiritual walk, reputation, professional appearance, and maturity. Once you have been interviewed and hired as a flight instructor we will work with you to schedule your flights around your academic schedule. Flight instructing allows you to begin building your hours so that you will have the required flight time to be hired upon graduation or shortly thereafter.