Liberty University — One of the Top Christian universities in the world

Liberty University ranks high among Top Christian Universities

Liberty University is an accredited Christian university located in Lynchburg, Va.

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Training Champions for Christ since 1971, Liberty University stands out as the largest and best Christian university in the world.  The school has grown with intention, purpose, and boldness, yet stands firm on its original Christian mission — something that is unique among other top Christian universities. Liberty offers 354 residential programs of study and 271 more online and is an accredited Christian university that is committed to training future leaders in a broad range of fields. Over 15,000 students study on campus and more than 94,000 more are enrolled in an online program of study. The numbers are a true testament to Liberty’s status as the world’s best Christian university.

A top Christian university for student life

In addition to being an academically excellent, accredited Christian university, Liberty offers a student life that is unparalleled. A dynamic spiritual atmosphere and unlimited opportunities for extracurricular activities provide every student with a well-rounded college experience. Every student is involved with a prayer group and has several spiritual leaders and mentors living in their residence hall. Students are prayed for daily and grow from constant teaching and worship at Convocation, the world’s largest weekly gathering of Christian youth. No other top Christian universities offer such enriching spiritual programs combined with dynamic recreational activities.

Liberty University is the Best Christian University to call home
Liberty University is the best Christian university to call home because it offers a range of undergraduate and graduate majors, as well as world-class facilities for living, learning, and having fun. Liberty Mountain Snowflex Center, located on the Lynchburg, Va. campus, offers year-round skiing and snowboarding.

Students can ski, snowboard, and tube year-round at the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre, North America’s first facility of its kind. Liberty University also offers extensive hiking and biking trails, an equestrian center, a skate park, and an ice center for hockey and skating. Liberty proves to be a top Christian university, not only in the classroom, but also in the athletic arena. Twenty NCAA Division I athletic programs provide students with plenty of exciting occasions to cheer on the Flames. In addition to DI athletics, Liberty has 37 Club Sports teams and a thriving intramural program, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to get involved in the sport of their choice.

The best Christian university to call home

The campus of Liberty University is currently undergoing a transformation to offer students the most accommodating facilities and residence halls of any top Christian university. Already boasting over 5 million square feet of technologically advanced buildings and classroom space, Liberty is one of the largest, accredited Christian universities. Construction was completed in January 2014 on the state-of-the-art Jerry Falwell Library, the university’s largest investment in any structure. Liberty University’s Center for Medical and Health Professions housing the College of Osteopathic Medicine opened its doors in August 2014. Also completed for the fall 2014 semester were an expansion of the LaHaye Student Union, and the first of eight new tower residence halls. As the youngest American university to reach $1 billion in net assets, Liberty is guaranteed to fulfill its mission for years to come, remaining among the top Christian universities in the world.