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Students turn their attention to the needs of others

Liberty University students turn their attention to the needs of others

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Liberty University’s fall semester is well under way, and students have been busy juggling their class work, social and spiritual lives, extracurricular activities, and for some, jobs. Despite their varying schedules, students took a week to focus their attention on the needs of others around the world and in the local community.

Global Focus Week, formerly known as Missions Emphasis Week, took place Sept. 17-19 and gave students and faculty a chance to see that people all over the world need the gospel, and provided students with opportunities to be involved in spreading Christ’s love to hurting people.  

Andrew Palau, renowned international evangelist, and Tom Eliff, president of the International Mission Board, spoke in Convocation about the importance of keeping a global focus and showing Christ’s love to others. 

Over 50 missionary representatives were available to talk with students and share their own experiences about their time on the mission field. Many students felt called to action to help those in need around the world. The Center for Global Engagement serves as a great resource for students who have a heart for missions, and offers a major and minor in Global Studies.

While several students made commitments to help those in need overseas, they also made commitments to meet the needs of others here in the Lynchburg community. 

On Sept. 25, the Office of Student Leadership partnered with the Student Government Association (SGA) and hosted See You At The Pole (SYATP). Students gathered outside DeMoss Hall and participated in the national event where students meet at their school’s flagpole and pray for the school, their teachers, the students, the government, and the nation.

Seven years ago, Liberty started the unique tradition of holding SYATP the night before the national date in order to pray for the students who would attend rallies nationwide the next morning. Liberty’s rally is one of the largest SYATP gatherings globally, and has become an annual practice for students.

Through events like Global Focus Week and SYATP, students become more aware of the needs of others overseas, as well as locally, and gain an opportunity to be a witness for Christ.  The week was about more than just meeting people’s needs. It was about meeting their one greatest need – Jesus Christ.