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Financial Check-In Web App makes life easier

Liberty University employees developed the new Financial Check-in App

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Compared to other colleges and universities, Liberty University has one of the most intuitive and customer-friendly ways to make financial arrangements.  Financial Check-In (FCI) allows all Liberty students to secure their courses, housing selection, attendance, and financial arrangements all at the same time. 

Designed by Liberty University’s own software development team, easy-to-understand icons and concise information guide students through the process.  FCI summarizes all the elements of their educational charges in one convenient place, providing a great way to customize a student’s individual needs, preferences, and convenient payment options.

During the process of building their summary of account, students will select their own housing locations and price range.  They can include their vehicle parking fee, and incorporate costs for book purchases at the Liberty Barnes & Noble Bookstore.  Cash can also be placed on a student’s Liberty ID and used as Flames Cash at a variety of Liberty approved merchants. A list of where students can spend Flames Cash is available on the Card Services website.

Once students have selected their individual preferences, they simply review their Summary of Account with their approved financial aid and ending balance.  Liberty offers a variety of flexible payment plan options. Payments are automatically processed from either a checking or credit card, and students may view their financial arrangements at any time.

Hear what students and parents are saying about Liberty’s FCI.

  • “I love, love, love the new setup! I actually completed Financial Check-In from my phone!”
  • “This was the best setup I have ever encountered in all my years of college.”
  • “Very streamlined and understandable. Thanks for the good check in.”
  • “This was THE BEST Financial Check-In I have participated in.  Very user friendly.”